Environment, Social, Governance

Our Commitment

We strive to continually improve our impact and drive sustainable change to society and our nearby community.

By establishing our four stakeholder ESG strategy we address the growing environmental, social, and governance concerns. Through enabling our staff to develop their skills in an equitable and healthy environment, we aim to establish trust, ethics and quality with our clients while promoting sustainable economic and environmental development.



Our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are intended to measure our performance against our goals. By creating targets to gauge progress, we are able to visualize how effectively our firm is achieving our ESG vision.

The AWK team went out for an activity-filled day for our 2022 Wellness Day!

Starting with visiting the Toronto Botanical Gardens, the team was able to enjoy the wonderful weather and all the beautiful flowers and plants that were in bloom! The team was able to change up their day-to-day routine from sitting behind a computer screen all day to walking the trails.

In the afternoon, the team was able to exercise their personal creativity and artistic nature at the Gardiner Museum’s pottery classes! While some struggled throwing the clay, others were able to easily form and shape their creations. But in the end, everyone was able to create something of their own!

Their final activity of the day was axe throwing! It was a great deal of fun and very stress relieving for everyone!